The Impact of Short-Sea Shipping on Nigerian Economy

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  • H. K. Onyema , Federal University of Technology OwerriImo State Nigeria


Modern transport and freight distribution system all over the world are trending towards the adoption of best practices that are reliable, timely and cost –effective. The purpose of this study is to compare the impact of short sea shipping on Nigerian Economy relative to road haulage. The results of the study were actualized by the contributions of short sea shipping to the Nigerian Economy for the period 2003- 2012.Comparison were made on the cost and time taken to deliver goods from (Calabar Port) to Cameroon(Garoua) using short sea shipping from Calabar through Adamawa corridor to  Garoua using road haulage. From the short sea approach was an intermodal system from Calabar Port to Cameroon Port and finally by road to Garoua whereas from Calabar through Adamawa State to Garoua Cameroon, it was completely a land/road journey. Using a simple regression techniques, the study found out that the cost and time parameter used were drastically reduced by the short sea combination is more efficient compared to all through road journey from Calabar to Garoua in Cameroon

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Freight, Short sea Shipping, Haulage, Operation