JOURNAL OF MARITIME RESEARCH (JMR) publishes original research papers in English analysing the maritime sector international, national, regional or local. JMR is published quarterly and the issues-whether ordinary or monographic-include both theoretical and empirical approaches to topics of current interest in line with the editorial aims and scope of the journal.

The objective of JMR is to contribute to the progress, development and diffusion of research on the maritime sector. The aim is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for studies of the sector from the perspective of all four of the following broad areas of scientific knowledge: experimental sciences, nautical sciences, engineering and social sciences.

The manuscripts presented must be unpublished works which have not been approved for publication in other journals. They must also fulfil all the requirements indicated in the 'Technical specifications' section. The quality of the papers is guaranteed by means of a process of blind review by two scientific referees and one linguistic reviewer. Although the journal is published in print format, the processes of submission and reception of manuscripts, as well as revision and correction of proofs are all done electronically.

Vol 10, No 3 (2013)

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Passenger Ships Inspection in Spanish Ports Navigation PDF
M.J. Hermida-Castro, D. Hermida-Castro, J.A. Orosa, M.M. Silva-Costas 3-6
Determining Flinders’ Bar Correction by Heeling the Ship PDF
I. Basterretxea, J. Vila, I. Sotés 7-12
Taxation and Privateering in the Medieval Mediterranean: The Conformation of Privateering Regulations and its Application on the Island of Mallorca PDF
M.D. López, K. Alvaro 13-22
Technical Management of Guarantee as Part of Quality Control in Construction of a Ship PDF
A. Dionis, S.L. León, F. Padrón, M.C. Adrián 23-28
Parameter Estimation and Control of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle PDF
F.J. Velasco, E. Revestido, F.J. Lastra, J.M Riola, J.J. Díaz 29-36
SHIPPOL, Towards an Automatic Green House Effect Gases Tracing and Accounting System in Harbor Areas by Using AIS Technology PDF
S. Velásquez, F.X. Martínez 37-46
Effect of Structural Deformation on Performance of Marine Propeller PDF
H.N. Das, P. Veerabhadra, C. Suryanarayana, S. Kapuria 47-50
Cost Efficiency Measures In Maritime Electronic Communications PDF
R. Salama, N. Şenbursa 51-60
Maritime Transport: A Theoretical Analysis Under a System’s Approach PDF
J.E. Martínez, M.L. Eguren 61-68
The Influence of the Induced Maritime Accidents on the Maritime Safety PDF
R. Montes de Oca, E. Madariaga 69-78
Maritime Transport as a Key Element in the Automotive Industry PDF
A. Ortega, O. López, A. López-Diaz 79-82
Analysis of Oil Spill Risks in the Islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura Due to Exploration Under Adverse Weather Phenomena PDF
J.I. Gómez, J.M. Calvilla, J.A. González, J.R. Bergueiro 83-96